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A: 1313 North Limestone St
Lexington, KY 40505

P: 859.226.9242

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Worship Department
Our Worship Department is made up of several different entities that form together to play a large part of our worship experience. These entities are as follows: Choir (Unity, Young Adults, and Men's),  Persistent  Praise Team, Drama, Dance, and Mime. When formed together, it creates a worship experience that reaches beyond any color, age, or background.

Religious Education
Our Religious Education provides religious as well as spiritual teachings for all age groups. While a large part of this ministry is focused on educating our kids, we also have a high focus on educating adults through our two bible studies. (60 Minutes 12 noon on Wednesdays and Believers Night 6:30p.m. Wednesday)

Intercessory Prayer
Intercessory Prayer ministry provides and covers any prayer need within our church family, our community and also keeps a continuous covering of prayer for the well being of the ministry as a whole. Within our Intercessory Prayer Ministry is another ministry called the Emergency Room (E.R.) Our Emergency Room is for anyone dealing with a immediate need or concern for prayer.

Creative Arts
Creative Arts Ministry (CAM) is designed to present the gospel in an innovative and creative way. They seek to speak the truth of God's word through the many expressions of human creativity. Through mime, dance, skits, poetry and many others form of expression the gospel message is delivered.