Children & Youth

Our goal is to help our children become true disciples of Jesus Christ by: building relationships with them, Being examples for them and teaching them God’s Word.

Children's Church

This Ministry is designed to religiously educate our children and teach them the moral standard of Christianity. Here the worship will be age appropriate so that the children can learn on a level they can understand and participate. This setting encourages leading, creativity and innovation; it is structured for effectively ministering the gospel to our children.  

NextGen Youth

NextGen Youth exists to teach strong scriptural principles that will build Chrisitian development and equip with the tools necessary to live a life devoted to Christ.  NextGen will impact their schools, communities and the world through evangelism and outreach.  This ministry will teach and fellowship youth ages 2 through 18.

  • 2-5 year olds-Little Lambs
  • 6-8 year olds-Lion's Den
  • 9-12 year olds-Little Soliders
  • 13-18 year olds 3:6 Teens  


Total Grace 3M ministry stands for Make Me into a Man. This ministry is designed to mentor middle and high school aged boys as they grow into manhood. Although this program focuses on academics it also is structured to teach the boys key essentials of Christianity, manhood and leadership.   

3:6 Teens

Total Grace 3:6 Teens ministries is able to connect young adults with God in a safe environment for them to express their life events with peers and problem solve in a positive way.