Family Life


Total Grace Church Men's ministry is designed to engage, encourage and equip men to become the fathers, husbands, and leaders that God ordained for them to be. 


Total Grace Women's ministry, Sisters of Worth (SOW) focuses on meeting the emotional, psychological and spiritual needs of women. This ministry, through the word of God, provides an unwavering sense of identity and security, as well as an understanding of their value and self worth. This ministry transforms the lives of women by teaching them who they are in Jesus Christ. 


The Couples Ministry is designed to help marriages thrive by providing empowering educational tools to nourish and cherish each other.  Our mail goal is to develop and maintain postive spirit filled marriages. 


The Single's Ministry exists to develop a sense of Christian value and identity in the life of singles, attempting to create a self awareness that is based in Jesus Christ and not a spouse. 


The focus of our Senior's Ministry is to honor and appreciate our seniors. This ministry provides for the various needs amongst the seniors of the church and providing opportunities for fellowship and continued spiritual growth.