First Touch

First Touch Ministry 

First Touch Ministries assist from the street to your seat to ensure you are ready to worship and praise the Lord.

Parking Lot

The Parking Lot Ministry's main purpose is to welcoming everyone as they arrive to Total Grace. They are there not only to safely direct you to a parking space but also to greet you with a warm smile and a welcoming good morning. 


The Greeters ministers to everyone who comes through the doors  at the beginning of service by welcoming each person with a smile and a welcoming spirt to set the atmosphere for worship.  Post COVID-19 we are also taking tempatures.  If you have any questions about our church, feel free to ask a Greeter.


The Ushers Ministry is the base of what is called our First Touch Ministries. The Ushers serve God through various duties from greeting to seating as well as ensuring service runs smoothly by preventing distractions.  They mostly assist the congregants who enter in to our sanctuary by helping them find seating and collecting tithes and offering.