Worship Department 

Our Worship Department is made up of several different entities that form together to play a large part of our worship experience. These entities are as follows: Choir,  Praise Team, Drama, Dance, and Mime. When formed together, it creates a worship experience that reaches beyond any color, age, or background.

Audio & Video

Our Audio/Video ministry is a hands on ministry which handles the recordings, sound mixing, video editing, as well extending the Total Grace worship experience beyond our church building and in to the community as well as around the world through media services.

Sight Ministry

Total Grace Sight Ministry provides informative, transformational, and spirit filled photographs of God ordained interactions with people, so that they may authentically see the Spirit of God.  The Sight Ministry also provides a positive and realistic photographic report of ministry activities where the church body is participating in God's Mission to humanity. 

Web Design 

This ministry is designed to keep Total Grace in line with the most cutting edge internet mediums. Using our personally designed website, social media, blogs,  and other forms of internet communication, the Web Design Ministry gives Total Grace a global presence. No matter where you are in the world this ministry allows you to be connected with Total Grace. 

Creative Arts

Creative Arts Ministry (CAM) is designed to present our mind and body as an offering and sacrifice in worship unto God . They seek to speak the truth of God's word through the many expressions of human creativity. Through mime, dance, skits, poetry and many other forms of expression the gospel message is delivered.

Christian Life Witnesses

Total Grace's CLWs have the humbling task of receiving those who are willing to make a confession of faith, come for prayer, or unite with Total Grace. They are prepared to help you get connected as you make that very important decision to follow God. Post COVID-19 we are using a new format call or text 859-667-4381.